Seriously hearth broken...

My ex BF just came and collected all of his belongings.

I’m a mess because even until today he only gave me half of his rent when he was supposed to give me two months of rent his excuse was I shouldn’t had buy you stuff from Xmas, I shouldn’t have gave you shit look what all you got me a Fitbit...!!! Hahahaha... Told him I was super tight with money thats why I couldn’t buy him anything else for Xmas that I was going to get him more later on. Yeah!!! but you didn’t was his respond when he broke up whit me since Xmas. My bday was on 12/11 and he didn’t got me anything because he was mad at me and didn’t talked to me for two weeks and we lived together.

He emotionally abused me again today and played the victim so I could feel bad for him and beg him not to go.

He left w/out saying anything and left the door wide open just because he doesn’t live here anymore and we live at my aunts house. D

I collected all of the stuff he gave me for Xmas and placed them in his moving truck.

This sucks because I let him talked and treated me like a piece of shit for something I did when we first met. Me being sincere and honest with him cost me a lot.

I was emotional and verbally abused in the year we were together and I always told myself I deserved it when I truly didn’t !!!

I’m mad and angry at myself for letting this happen for giving him that must authority and power over me, for let his narcissist a$$ dictated my life and bring my self-esteem down.

I didn’t deserved any of that not matter the circumstances. All I wanted was a partner that loved me as much as I did but I failed to myself and I blame myself for that.