I'm pregnant without trying!


I was trying before 2018.

2018 came along and started off rough so I wasn't trying. So I also stopped looking. September came and made a big decision to move about 3 hours away, selling my house and currently living at the parents property til I can find a place of my own again. Officially been where I am now since end of October. I've known the guy I'm seeing and now pregnant with for many years. We finally got our chance of starting a possible relationship with each other at the end of November. I got my period at the beginning of December. When beginning of January got here my period was a couple days late, and I've always been pretty irregular so I didn't think anything of it. Then my breasts started hurting to the touch, so I decided to take a test, took it in the morning and before 2 minutes it was a positive reading. I went and got more tests and took another one and yes another positive reading. Found out January 4th. And decided to take 2 more today (5th). He said he wanted to be absolutely sure. February can't come soon enough. So I can get a doctor appt. Can't wait. I was very emotional when I found out, but now I'm doing better.