Need some serious advice


As some of y’all know, I made a post that that I found out I was pregnant a week before Christmas..

Well me and my BD were so happy and excited..

I’m still very much excited, 7 weeks now..

He has started to freak out,now demanding a DNA test although he was living with me and my family from @August to December 2nd and we we’re together 24/7 those months,so kind of a duh that he or she is his..

He won’t talk to me and says anything he buys,he wants back 🙄.. Ok how I’m 1 conversation can you say the baby’s yours(why else would you buy anything) to it’s not his and wants a DNA test?

His adoptive parents and his bio mom and say they think he’s just freaking out and scared but wtf idc,you helped make this baby so grow a damn pair and help me out and raise her or him with me..

My son or daughter will NOT have a revolving door Dad,and I’ll make sure of it..

Ughh I’m so frustrating and really pissed off! This isn’t like him at all..

Do any of y’all have any opinions or advice bc I can’t be stressed out and I’ve got to focus on this baby and myself..