is this normal in healthy relationship?

so i’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and separation anxiety. it’s not major but it flares up time to time. i currently live with my boyfriend and he is amazing. he helps me around the house, always compliments me and always makes sure that i know i’m loved and beautiful.

he left this morning for a 9 day trip and i’ve had this anxiety and separation issue with it since the moment i learned of the trip. not because i believe he’d do anything bad, but because after living with him for so long and seeing him every single day and night (besides when we’re working) it’s hard to sit here without him. i cry thinking about him not being here. and i’m happy he’s having fun and what not, it’s just that i miss him so terribly much. i cant tell if this is normal because we spend so much time together or if this is because of my separation anxiety? i’m not on any medication for my anxiety but maybe i should try or talk to a therapist?

any advice or input is welcome