6 weeks post birth - smell

Please can someone help and stop me driving myself insane! 1st time mum......

Gave birth 6 weeks ago, I had a episiotomy & forceps

Long story short I ended up getting infected down below not long after I gave birth, I looked down below and all my stitches were gone and it was an open wound, ended up back in hospital again and they didn't stitch it back up and was just told it would heal over time and would be a long process. I have 1 salt bath eveeyday, I had a look down below with a mirror today and it looks so much better instead off a big slice it has now formed into a small radish circle which is getting smaller and smaller, although I have noticed a very funny smell down there and also feeling rather uncomfortable than usual and have bled a little (not alot just the tiniest amount now and again) I am worried incase I am infected again but I have read also that it is normal to get a smell down there even at 6 weeks post birth. I haven't stopped running about all day and when I'm busy like that I do get sore down below. Has anyone else had a problem with smell down below, smells very fishy (sorry if that's tmi) 😂 also I was shocked to see my ladygarden !! There is a big gaping hole !

Is the smell normal even at this stage of the game?

Thank you!!