Boyfriend Issues 😕

Asia • First Time Mom 💓

My boyfriend is getting out of the Navy in March of this year and my contract isn’t up until August of next year. Recently, he’s brought up moving back to Houston, getting a job there, and having me move there once my contract is up. So, he would be doing this in March and I’m due with OUR CHILD in May.. he thinks that just because he’ll be sending money that everything will be easy and that taking care of a child, a infant at that, I should be able to handle by myself with a full-time job in the military. I understand that some people do it and can do it but I also am still dealing with my sexual assault that happened 2 years and all the trauma with that, also the trial that will be taking place before or after I have our baby. Plus, our original plan was for him to stay here and go to school until I got out THEN we’d move to Houston. Is it selfish that I’m upset he’s leaving me here to take care of a child by myself and not seeing the problem with it?

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