Orion Oliver born at 27 Weeks & 2 days πŸ’™


I went to the hospital because i was having trouble breathing and.... When they checked me, they checked baby too and saw his heart rate was in the 70's. Next thing i know i was being rushed into an operating room for emergency c section and 10 mins later he was born πŸ’™

December 29, 2018 @ 2:04 Am weighing 2 pounds 7 oz.

He wad diagnosed with Complete Heart Block. A disorder that simply means the top 2 chambers of his heart don't communicate with his bottom chambers and it results in issues with his heart rhythm & his blood pumping slowly to his heart 😒

They said the only way this could happen (cause its supposedly rare) is if the mother has an auto immune disorder.. They ran tests on me and boom. I tested positive on both tests and was diagnosed with Lupus 😒😒😒

I had no idea and it literally broke my heart knowing my disease that i didnt know about caused his heart defect 😒

They said he will need a pacemaker and will have to live with this his entire life.

My husband & I have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House by the hospital so we can see him everyday. He is doing very well but somedays he has scares where his heart rate drops extremely low. Today it dropped to 45 and they had to bring it back up. I was HYSTERICAL when they told me and couldnt stop crying. Its so heartbreaking watching my son fight for his life.

Thank God i have such a supportive husband. I dont know what i would do without him!

I also have great support and love from friends and family but i just thought I'd share my experience on here to "get my emotions out" and see if any other mothers have gone through the same??

Thanks for listening πŸ’™