Did I cum? I’m so confused😂😂


So basically me and my boyfriend had sex which lasted about half an hour. It was really slow so really nice (just to say I’m on the implant but we also used a condom cos I’m too paranoid lol). Anyway as it finished my boyfriend came so he came out with the condom on etc bla bla bla. And I was laid on the bed for a good 2-3 minutes after this. Then I sat up and suddenly not loads but a good lot of water just came out of me. It literally looks like I’ve wet the bed but I was so confused as I didn’t even feel it it just happened. Surely if I came i would’ve at least had some sensation so what was it? I’m not fussed or worried just a bit confused tbh😂😂also prior to this I’ve never been able to cum or orgasm, hope someone can give some advice x