Awesome night feed!!

Baby slept extra than usual... okay okay I can get used to this.... baby fed efficiently on both breasts? Wow this is pretty cool! She might be turning a corner! Baby finishes feeding.... 3:45am, I’m not engorged anymore, okay let’s go back to sleep. But first, lemme burp you

Transition to burp position and bam! Fresh from the breast, warm milk, plus solid milk curds come avalanching down all over my chin, chest, back of my neck inside my last clean nursing bra, pillow, bed, comforter. Just a river of milk flows from one to the next.

Shock, silence, baby starts crying bloody murder. And there went my hope that a night feeding was going to go well. 🙁

Back to square one, feed ya again while my husband tells me I don’t have any good solutions to getting her to sleep.

#5weeks #4amchronicles #butiJUSTwashedmyhair