Baby Visitor Rules


I wrote some rules for visitors to post online before our baby’s arrival and I want to make sure it’s firm, but polite. We are first time parents just trying to do what’s best for our baby but we feel like we need to set boundaries with certain people and it’s easier to address it to everyone so no one is surprised. How does this sound?

Dear Friends & Family,

As Charlotte’s arrival gets closer, we have some requests we hope you can honour.

1. Please allow us the opportunity to announce her arrival ourselves. We know you’re excited, but we have waited nine months for this moment.

2. Please do not visit if you’re unwell or have been around someone who is. You are welcome to visit once you are well. It’s the season of being sick, and we understand if you can’t visit right away.

3. Please do not show up unannounced, and keep your visits short and sweet. We wish we could host you, but we will be tired and need all the rest we can get.

4. Please remember to wash your hands before handling the baby and absolutely no kissing will be tolerated on any part of her body. If you’re smoker, we ask that you wear fresh, clean clothing and do not handle her after smoking. We aren’t trying to be rude, third hand smoke is a leading cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and we want to protect our little girl as best we can.

5. Please refrain from using scented products. Mom is allergic, and baby will be sensitive to new smells.

6. Please understand we will be a breastfeeding family, you’re welcome to leave the room but mom and baby will stay where they are most comfortable.

7. Please do not offer unsolicited advice. If we need advice, we will be sure to ask.

8. Please respect Charlotte’s privacy and do not post her photo online. As children, we didn’t have to worry about our faces being plastered on the internet to haunt us later and we want the same for our daughter. We will post one photo to announce her arrival as we know everyone will be excited to see her, but if you’d like to watch her grow, we ask you make the effort to visit.

Thank you for your understanding during this exciting time.


Tyler & Brittany