Fertility September Mommas

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Hi everyone! Congratulations on all of your babies to be! Wishing everyone healthy pregnancies! I am due Sept 10, 2019!

I was wondering if there were any mommas on here due september that conceived through fertility treatments? Is there another group for that too?

I want to keep up with both! I love seeing everyone & their different journeys (fertility is a rough road & am glad to see a lot of you on here didnt endure the horror)... but it would be nice to follow up or find similarities to ease any kind of worry of other women who have gone thru it with me.

This is my third pregnancy, my double rainbow. & i am trying to remain calm & enjoy but its really hard after two losses.

Its just so tough because we lost our first after conceiving without any OV tracking & three months of trying but not trying. So, we were completely lost & my body went into complete shock. My thyroid went crazy & it took 8 months to be diagnosed. I was super skinny my whole life & hated it and when we got pregnant, i gained 15 lbs in those short weeks (all water weight) and THEN after our natural miscarriage, i gained more water weight... i looked like i was stung by a bee. I was so bloated, everywhere. All together, I gained 60 lbs in a short time. I worked out at a woman centered gym every day for months & ate super healthy. Nothing.

After almost two years of ttc, my cervix needed surgery & we were directed to go into fertility treatments. After a long road of great response but no success, it took 8 months (but 4 months of the same type of treatment-injectables) to get our rainbow that didn’t make it. We were totally neglected and not given support for my progesterone issues! We lost the same exact time after ovulation as the first pregnancy! We were hit by a freight train. Everyone told me it wouldn’t happen again. My hcg was more than doubling and I got to see my little baby on US grow and grow. But, the progesterone i was shoving inside of me couldnt keep up with the baby’s demand and we lost our rainbow.

THIS time, we are with a new doctor who is very proactive and has diagnosed & treated me with idopathic edema which is WATER RETENTION WEIGHT OMG (i lost 30lbs IMMEDIATELY since the 2nd loss), recurrent ureaplasma (which my uterus is prone to bacteria that hurts pregnancy chances & fetus), and a progesterone deficiency that goes along with my hostile AF uterus (my cells attack progesterone post ovulation & at conception it eventually goes after and kills the baby) which is now being treated. I take 2 vag suppositories, oral, and shots in my ass for progesterone daily, i take a zpack every night for the first 13 weeks (every other week), and I take meds for my thyroid & idiopathic edema daily.

Needless to say, its been EXHAUSTING. I want to be over the moon and oblivious with my pregnancy but I cant. Im so so scared. I want this baby to live and be healthy. We have worked so so hard for this. Our family has suffered. I have five older siblings (all same parents) and only me and my one sister have issues. My other sister & three brothers all have kids! My sister just had her second ectopic last month. So, its been painful.

Ugh, anyway.... i am just trying to make it. My hurdle to jump over is 6-8 weeks when the issues started in the last two. I found out i was losing at our first heartbeat appt last time :(

Last time i used that miscarriage rate website that reassures you... yeh. Im not the one. By statistics, i should not be where i am. Only 5% have recurrent loss. And that 1% that go on to have a third isnt too reassuring. My hcg was fabulous. So the statistics ended up being that fell into that small little percent that miscarried despite my babys growth. My scans were progressing. We saw that damn gestational sac.

Sorry for the long post. I just don’t want to be told “not to worry” or “youre gonna be fine” because i wasnt. I pray so so hard i am this time. Honestly, if this isnt our baby that makes it god forbid... something has got to be seriously wrong. We did multiple tests and 1 yr and 4 months of cycles with drs... the likelihood of “chromosomal abnormalities” among two miscarriages without any live births is slim. While this doesnt dispute that cause (it just happens to embryos) we both have no chromosomal or genetic issues (karyotyping & genetic screenings). So, i pray so hard that the drs have found all that is wrong.... all of my issues tie into one another so I hope that they are solved.

Thanks for reading 🌈🌈🤞🏽♍️