After months and months and months of ttc. And after months of taking ovulation tests, and no luck. Taking medication just to help me get a period and to help me ovulate. God has answered my prayers !!!

This morning I woke up and started to clean, then I decided to take a shower, well just for the hell of it I was like I’ll just take an ovulation test. Well I peed on it and set it on the counter, hopped in the shower with out even looking at it. 5 min later I got out and looked and Saw this! I ran out of the bathroom and was like “BABE IM OVULATING!!” And bam we did the baby dance 😂😂

Oh I hope god answers all my prayers and blesses us with a beautiful baby girl or a baby boy! I’d be thankful for either one.

My birthday is next month and that would be the BEST by far, hands down the best birthday gift I could ever ask for!