You know what GRINDS my gears?? LONG POST**


Yesterday when we went to my grandparents house, my aunts boyfriend (they live with my grandparents) was telling my husband while he was putting the kids in the car that it wasn’t good how I have the kids dressed and that they shouldn’t be wearing shoes, sandals or flats. He kept demanding my husband that he should take them off them now because it wasn’t good for our girls. ?? When we left my husband said he kept saying

“That’s no good! That’s nooo good! Take that shit off them! I don’t know why your wife puts that on them!”

He stood quite and was ignoring him till he mentioned me and he then said “it’s our kids we’re gonna dress them how we like.” He then immediately stopped then tried to help him put the kids in the car and “help” even though no one asked him and he’s never done so before. I had just walked outside when I had seen him “Trying” to help. I was soo pissed off because I don’t like him. Anyway, he didn’t know how to put my daughter in the car (he put her on the seat while it was folded and said for her to sit in her spot.🤦🏼‍♀️) Which then I started yelling because my oldest kids know how to put their seat bets on and he was being weird with one of them. He didn’t like how I basically told him we don’t need his help and he was like “okay ****k”.

Little back story on this ass. My aunt was married for 24 years to my uncle. Yes they argued and had issues but whatever they stood together. My aunt used to verbally and physically abuse my uncle. She cheated on him then kicked him out. He was homeless for a few weeks and sadly got into drugs. After he found a place he shaped up because my aunt denied him rights to see his daughter (she’s 13). They’re still married but separated because my aunt can’t afford to divorce him because he was the main income. She had it pretty easy though because she lived in housing (she didn’t have to pay rent most of the time if she couldn’t find a job) had Food stamps ect, pretty much abu se the system because she wanted to. Then she met her now ass whole Bf. They dated for a week when she moved him in. And he gave hell to my cousins. (My oldest cousin was living with them too at the time, he’s 23.) he didn’t have a job and every time my aunt got a new job he made her quit it because he thought my cousin was the one who should support everyone. And he then made my aunt turn against my oldest cousin. She ended up kicking him out (my cousin) THEN my younger cousin (the 13year old) was telling my grandparents how he was too touchy-feely with her and “Tried” to act like her father and wanted her to call him dad, he demanded it she said. But she told him Multiple times that she only had one father and he wasn’t it. Soo she began to rebel a lot and stay with my grandparents EVERY week. Then she randomly told me how she got her period for the first time but it’s been months since she has bled, when I asked her how long she bled for she told me less then a day. So I thought maybe she had broke herself (lost her virginity) but when my mom told my grandma she said that my cousin told her about how he was too touchy-feely with her. My grandma had a convo with her about it but she swears that he’s never had sex with her.

Now, I have been sexually assaulted and how she acts with him, makes me think maybe he has done so with her. But she won’t admit it because when she last talked to her mom about him she took the boyfriends side instead.

Fast forward. He is super controlling with my aunt. He makes her do EVERYTHING for him. She’s not “Allowed” to wear certain things. Not allowed Talk to certain people. But she’s soooo “In love” with him. She even tells everyone that they’re married and that my cousin is planning their wedding (obviously not true) she’s even trying to have kids with him. She can’t even have kids though, my cousin was her last due to her having complications with her ovaries or something after her birth.

Anyway he crashed her car and made her loose her place. So like I said they now live with my grandparents. When I first met him he looked at me funny. Or inappropriate if that’s a better way to put it. And every time we’re over they try to say “oh our relationship is like that!!” As implying that our relationship is like theirs (LIKE NO) He even try’s to suck up to my husband because he has a good paying job and he wants him to get him a job at where he works, but my husband says he won’t help him because he was in Jail and can’t keep a job (he tells him his life story every time we go over there) he always has something to say about me, like “oh you let your wife go out like that?” Or “she the women she could do it.” And it pisses me off. Or he would randomly come up to me and say some random shit like when we went over there for our baby/gender revival he told me that my husband told him on thanksgiving that I was pregnant and it was a boy. Which is impossible because

1: my husband would NEVER tell someone something that we both agreed we will keep a secret.


2: I wasnt even far along yet and didnt know the sex. 🙄

3: my husband and I are LOYAL as fuck to each other.

When I told my husband what he said he got so pissed off because he never said ANYTHING, he literally stays quiet every time they talk because he says he’s full of shit.

Now yesterday when we went over he was especially extra weird. And my aunt found out that his random trips to NY is him cheating her (go figure) but she still will drop everything for him and kiss his toes. We also found out he has 5 kids, none that he has raised because we was consistently in jail. He showed my husband while I was next to him of inappropriate pictures of his soo called “kids”. And he got mad when my husband said they looked like him. (He didn’t know what to say, neither did I because it was soo random) but like who would show pictures like that of their own kids?.

We don’t go over there a lot because I have issues with my grandparents (which is a story for another day) and I’m currently pregnant and doc told me to stay as stress free as possible because of a certain pregnancy issue that I have, and after yesterday my husband said we no longer are going over there till the baby is born. He just wants us to keep it on the safe side since I’m carrying our first son.

IT JUST GRINDS MY GEARS that a dead beat MF comes from no where and try’s to tell my husband how I/we should dress our kids. Like it set me on fire when he told me on the way home. 🤬

This guy just creeps me out and gives me a vibe I don’t like. And let me tell you that my vibes never do me wrong (can’t remember what it’s really called) I just don’t like him. Which in all fairness I don’t like anyone but he really just hits the mark. (I’m just a huge non social, introvert, who gets social Anxiety) but still.

It just pokes my SOUL.


Anyway, these were the shoes my girls were wearing.

And the shirt and pants, but obviously in different prints and colors.

And these are some examples of the kind of pictures he was showing us of his so called daughters.🙄