Do you bring a portfolio to an open interview?


I was on and I filled out an application for a job Friday and they send me a message Saturday saying that they are holding open interviews Monday from 11-5. Sadly, my current job has me working from 12-6, and this place is an hour drive from my current job. I tried to see if maybe I could leave or come in early, but I was unable to get ahold of anyone. So sadly, I wasn’t able to make it today, but they said they’ll be holding the open interviews from Monday to Wednesday.

I didn’t even think before, but do I need to bring or should I bring in a portfolio or a list of references and reference letters?

Every job I’ve been to with open interviews were for a fast food place/restaurant that did not care to even look at my portfolio, while this job seems more sophisticated, although it is only part time.

I currently don’t have an updated hard copy of one, but I do have one from about a year to year and a half ago.

Also, should I bring up that I’m pregnant or not?

Like obviously if they as I won’t lie. But should I bring it up to them?