UPDATE: please read

So here’s another update about my situation my husband and I sadly will be evicted on the 10th Idk if we can ever find another apartment and it does break my heart because I feel like I let my kids down. We drove 15 hours here to Texas and thought we were moving into something safe and clean . When we got here our first apartment was unlivable so to avoid being homeless our manager found something a little better still has issues but it’s a tad cleaner except for the mold pealing paint and bugs . It’s drug dealing across the street sadly and we have been without a oven for two months cause maintenance never fixes anything not to mention the leak under the sink that made the wood soft and wet. Aside from that my husbands job also paid him only 500 of the 900 they owe him .thats is why we are getting evicted my husband job took forever to pay him and it caused us to get $2,218.00 in debt with the complex. But I can say this I’m blessed to have had this place during the holidays and as omg as we could I cried all my tears everything I prayed and prayed and I feel a sense of peace that knowing that god is going to make a way . Thanks you for all the prayers ladies continue to pray that me and my family can find somewhere to live other than our car .