Acetaminophen in Pregnancy

A few days ago someone posted about taking Fioricet during pregnancy. Which is what I take. Religiously. One commenter said that “acetaminophen is linked to autism.” So this got me thinking and slightly worried. I reached out to my OB, a pharmacist, and a friend who researches and works with autistic patients. All three said there is NO link between anything medicine (acetaminophen, vaccines) and autism. Claims like these have been debunked. They are finding autism is more so related to genetics and sometimes age of parents at birth. So does anyone have any credible medical studies/journals on the link? I am curious. It’s just frustrating to read something like that which WILL scare mothers out of getting the care they need to maintain a stress free and healthy pregnancy. Not trying to cause drama but I want actual facts not anecdotal google stories.

Edit: So I guess I worded this a little wrong. I don’t think there is a link. I do trust the professionals and experts I asked. I guess when I was asking for journals I wanted these people to support their claims. A lot of women get a lot of information on here and it’s not ok that there are false claims being made. Some women legit need help for migraines or pain during pregnancy. And comments like them may scare other women out of getting the help they need. For instance, my migraines cause vomiting and thus severe dehydration. One claim from one mom because her son has an issue can mean all the difference for another. I guess what I am really saying is back up your claims. Please.