Am I or not? But I hope to be 🥰


I’m 15 days late, all tests I’ve taken are negative and I got a blood test done today to double check. To be honest I REALLY want for it to be a positive very badly! We arnt trying and I’m on the pill but gosh the thought sounds amazing. A friend of mine just announced their pregnancy and I got extremely jealous bc I can’t wait to do that. I can’t wait to have a baby, To have a family with the love of my life. He wants it too, actually he has been wanting that since we got married, like literally THE DAY we got married lol well later that night as we were on the way to the hotel, he was hinting many times he wanted to start a family lol but I guess we shall see. I had to let this out, now it’s time to put it all back in a expect not to be pregnant.