i need help in this situation because he gives mixed signals its annoying asf. for example when i was talking to my ex bf he would flirt w me madddd and one night he was like “my girlll” and i was like who and he was like “u” and i told him i was w my ex bf which i shouldnt have done because my ex bf is a piece of shit but back then i had respect ✊🏿 i feel like hes scared to get rejected again or something like its weird. i dont like making the first move ughh. but like another example of him flirting w me: i asked him to watch scary movies w me and he said yes and so i said “okay but ur gonna get scared” lol im bad at flirting but anyways he was like “thats why i have to watch them w u” IDK IF HE LIKES ME BACK PLEASE HELPP SISTERSS😫 if u comment ily❤️