Overwhelmed and frustrated


My younger sister found out she is pregnant again, she miscarried last year so I pray this baby sticks and goes full term with no complications to either of them. I got off of the phone with her last night and I cried selfishly in the kitchen while drying dishes. I cried out of anger and frustration with my own body. I cried for the hope month after month I lose because af shows up. I cried because my obgyn does not know why my husband and I can’t get pregnant and has to refer us to a specialist. I cried because I want to finally be the sister that’s pregnant. Still today I feel selfish but none the less I’m happy for my sister. I pray for them and I pray for answers when I go to the specialist later this month. I know one month it will be my turn, I just wish it was this month. My hat goes off to each and every one of the ladies and their significant others on here, you all are strong in my eyes.