bf’s mom giving away baby clothes 😰


my boyfriends mom had a baby a little over a year ago (his mom started having babies really young and we’re also pretty young pregnant with our first). his little brother has outgrown a lot of clothes and she doesn’t know anyone else pregnant with baby boys (she knows two women pregnant with girls right now) so she is doing a bit of spring cleaning and is donating a bunch of baby clothing and a crib, bassinet, and playpen. she has no idea we’re pregnant because we’re planning on telling both of our families around 8-9 weeks after our first appointment and once we’ve settled into our first apartment together. what would you do?? we don’t really want to let on that we’re expecting for a few more weeks at least, but it would be a huge money saver to get hand me downs and we know she would definitely save everything for us if she knew! i’m only 4 weeks 5 days right now