I f****ing hate dating


I started seeing this guy about a month ago. I’m a single mom and I made it clear pretty early on that I’d like to wait a little bit before introducing my kid to someone and it’s something I take seriously. This guy stayed the night a week ago when my son was with his dad overnight. I won’t let him spend the night if I have my son because my son occasionally wakes up and gets in bed with me. Him and I have had this conversation once before when he tried to stay over. But ever since he stayed over he will beg me to let him come over now, even if I say I’m too tired. Tonight, he told me he got into a fight with his roommate and didn’t wanna go back home because he’d be uncomfortable. I told him I was sorry that happened but I have my son tonight and I’m not yet comfortable with him staying the night while my son is here. He then begged and said he’d sleep on the couch but if he couldn’t spend the night with me he’d have to sleep in his car 😒. I got really irritated and annoyed by it because I feel like he’s trying to guilt trip me into compromising something I feel so strongly about. Like, I’m not gonna change my boundaries I have to keep my son safe and protected just so you don’t have to be uncomfortable.. tf? I say I hate dating because I get sick and tired of people pushing important boundaries way too early on. Am I total bitch if I just cut this guy off?