Feeling Relieved


I know it probably sounds stupid, but today I am feeling so relieved about this pregnancy. The cramping and back aches have had me freaking out that I might lose this baby too. But yesterday i forgot to take the progesterone my OB prescribed for 24 hours thanks to a sick, fussy kiddo keeping me up all night and then a crazy hectic day.

Well last time I miscarried, within 12 hours of not taking progesterone, I started having period like bleeding. But this morning after 24 hours of no meds, there was no spotting, cramping, or anything. I know that science says it can take a few days after stopping progesterone for a delayed miscarriage to occur, but just knowing that there wasn't any sign of threatened miscarriage when I forgot the meds for so long gives me hope this little one is going to stick! Now if I can only make it through the next 2 weeks for the ultrasound!