Re-enlistment package?

Has anyone or your spouse had difficulty with their re-enlistment package? My husbands has came back 3 times from the career planner to be fixed. he got it handled, now they are saying his tattoos aren’t documented and he may get in trouble for them. Even though he already has page11 on one from 4 years ago and the rest were documented over 4 years ago. Now he has to get three letters of recommendation from staff? Me personally that doesn’t sound right and sounds like somethings up. My suspicions are high right now cause the past two days he’s been on me to find a house so he can get out, even though he’s supposed to be putting in a re-enlistment package. Granted my husband does have a shit company and staff but It just doesn’t add up. He’s saying that there 2 spots left and 20 people wanting to re-enlist in his mos but that there are no spots open in any other mos to lat move. If he does re-enlist he was already accepted to go drill instructor and leave for the school house a month after his re-enlistment. So I just don’t understand. Maybe I’m thinking to much into it but none of it is adding up?anyone else been through this?