Visiting friends for dinner


Y’all I got a question. I’ve just been randomly thinking about this all day. So when we invite people over we make sure there is PLENTY of food for everyone. Honestly we make too much food and more times than not some gets thrown away cause it goes bad before we can finish it. But we would rather have our friends/family that are over be full and be able to have seconds/thirds if they want to versus being hungry cause there wasn’t enough. Now I would assume most people are the same way, that if they invite friends over FOR DINNER they make sure there is food readily available, whether it’s home made or fast food. Now what got me thinking is a couple that my husband and I are “friends” with. I say “friends” cause I honestly at this point in my life would be perfectly fine never haveing to speak to/deal with the wife ever again. She’s to much crazy and drama for me... anyways. More times than not when they invite us over for dinner, we are either paying for the whole dinner or they have us bring our own food. Granted I could understand if you flip flop pizza night or if it’s a steak dinner. Sure bring your own steak, I get that. But burgers and chicken? Bringing my own chili?

You could ask well maybe they don’t make as much, understandable but we know what they make. Myself and our friends husband are stay at home parents, so no income from us, and our spouses are military and work together. So they have a fixed income that is the exact same amount for each other. Each couple has 1 vehicle, a new 2018 vehicle and paid the same amount. We each have 6 month old boys. We are each given a meal allowance from the military. Neither couple buys dumb things or goes out very often. Neither have any student loan debt/credit card debt. So that rules income/bills scenario.

So my question is would you expect your friends to bring their own food if you invited them over for dinner? Would you expect to be paying for everyone’s dinner if you were invited over?