Soo idk what I am doing wrong.

Sarai • Baby #1 due March 2020

Me and my boyfriend have been together since June of 2018. This is our second time dating. We dated for 2 years before then broke it off due to immaturity on both of our sides. Well things were wonderful ( sex wise) before the last couple of months in 2018. We had sex at least 10-15 times a month. Then in October it was 6 times then November it was 4 times then December was twice!!!!!! Now it has been 3 weeks since he had had sex with me....... I try everything in my power to make him want me but he doesn’t really seem into it. So I asked him what I was doing so wrong for him to just stop having sex with me. He said well now since we are together and living together I know I can get it when I want it. That’s what he told me. But I asked him well how about when I want it? He goes and says that I have too high of a sex drive and that all I’m thinking about is sex........ I don’t talk about sex with him. The last couple of months I haven’t even been really trying to have sex with him either except when I’m like really horny. But other than that I keep my sexual thoughts to myself since he said that. But honestly idk what to do. I need some advice or something. This is really getting me upset making feel like I’m not making him happy. Please anything will help.