BFP today, dull period cramps, spotting


So today i goy 2 positive pregnancy tests, my last period was december 7th, i ovulated around christmas. Ive been having very dull period like cramps, the type of cramps I get for 2 days before my period, in my vagina and lower stomach, i went to the bathroom about 2 hours ago, and there was blood. It was a very light pink with just the very slightest hint of brown. I dabbed my opening twice with 2 different pieces of toilet paper, and it was there twice, 3rd time nothing. Inserted toilet paper to check for blood up in me, nothing. Im terrified that i may be starting to miscarry as i had a miscarriage 7 years ago when i was 16, i dont want to go through it again. My period is supposed to be due any day now, but obviously since i got a positive test, i shouldnt get it. My boyfriend said its probably implantation bleeding, but i told him i wouldnt have gotten a positive test if the baby wasnt implanted yet. Im so scared, i dont want to lose this baby.