Wrench in my plans


So hubby got moved from his work position that was local to a position that he now has to travel a lot. He works on the railroad. He makes way more money on the road so that is the only plus and it’s not a forever thing, he has a good possibility of going back to local position in the future. But this is the absolute worst timing ever!

we live in Ohio and he will be commuting from Ohio to Florida. Not sure of the schedule yet, it might be 8 days in FL, 5 days home) the whole month of February & March! It gets better after that, he will be mostly in Ohio area once warmer. Luckily I have family here. I have a 2 year old also. My biggest fear is that he won’t be here during labor!! Worst case scenario is He will be in FL and have to jump on a plane to make it. It’s my second baby but it’s impossible to say when she will arrive. My mom is planning on being at the hospital until my hubby arrives. Doctor might induce me at 39 weeks due to GD which would give us an actual date But whose to say she won’t come before that! Obviously I’m freaking out and wondering if any ladies are going through something similar? How are you staying sane? I feel so helpless and out of control! Just looking for some advice to stay calm and not stress. This is not what I planned for my birth experience to be like