Weird period

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So i didn’t get a period for almost a year. Then, i suddenly get this awful, very not normal period blood. Period of bleeding, it was a obnoxious amount, and it was very large clots...

I also, have very very sharp pains in my womb. Where I have to lay down. Sometimes it even shoots up my anus.

Those have been happening for a couple years.

I haven’t got my period yet since and I’m 5 days late. I only had that period in almost a year of time.

I’ve noticed in the past couple months I’ve become more Hairy...and more cramps.

New Year’s <a href="">Eve</a> (I wasn’t drinking) I got sudden extreme pain after intercourse,

So painful that I was sobbing for 30 mins straight. I couldn’t move and I blacked out and almost passed out if I didn’t make it to my bed..

I understand I have to go to the doctor, it’s just they only take a certain amount of issues a day. Tomorrow I’m going for a broken nose and MS...

Can you post what your miscarriages looked like. I’m not sure if it would be a miscarriage.