Ice in Vagina?

My man mentioned putting ice in my vagina and then fucking me. I’ve never tried it before, and I was intrigued. Upon researching, doctors say not to do so because it can freeze to the vaginal lining like your tongue gets stuck on a frozen metal pole. That alone has caused me to second guess going through with it. But you know how doctors recommend you don’t do a LOT of stuff we all do anyways, soooo who knows. However, Reddit posts and other sites from people who have actually tried it, said they enjoyed it and never had any problems.

So, now I’m here asking you all. Has anyone tried putting ice in their vagina or their partners vagina, and then having sex? What does it feel like for the woman? What does it feel like for the man? Any personal experiences of both good and bad? Any stories on other ice play and what to do? My man and I want to try new things and I’d love some ideas to mention to him.

I’d really like to hear about the ice stories, but if anyone has any other new things they recommend trying, please comment! Judgement free zone here!