hate my body so much

so i have the worst body image issues ever, my whole life people made fun of me and called me anorexic and told me i look like a stick. i was always put down by my friends and family for not having a butt or boobs and not being considered "thick". me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half. the problem is i just feel so ugly, and every single time he tries to compliment my body deep down i know he's just lying to make me feel good because he's my boyfriend and that's what he's supposed to say. the worst part is that a few months ago i saw where he was liking pictures of these models with big butts and big boobs and it just brought me back to that again. the problem is i cant stop thinking about that every time he tries to compliment me and that is always lingering in my mind and i just look in the mirror and want to cry because i have so much pressure to be sexy and have curves because people are always making fun of me but i cant gain weight, and when i do my stomach just bloats up. i just want to know if anyone has tips on self confidence or feeling better about your body. (btw yes i did confront my boyfriend about the women on instagram and he stopped)