Might be pregnant - Advise, tips, anything


I made a wrong decision on Thursday. I had sex with my boyfriend unprotected. I took a First Response pregnancy test today (it's been 5 days) and it came back negative. I have a ditgal, more accurate one I'm gonna take on Thursday (1 week after sex, 5 days before my period should start). Is that too soon to tell? Should I wait longer? I'm 18 years old and in collage. If I end up being pregnant I'm going to push through and prove to everyone that I can take care of a child while going to school. My boyfriend has been flaky the past few months. 6 times in October he didn't know if he still wanted us to be together. When I told him I might be pregnant, he told me he understood why some guys would leave the girl in this situation, and why the girls would be scared. He said he might leave, then today he ended up telling me he would stay. My heart can't take the indecisiveness much longer. Any tips on what to do if I do end up pregnant?