Please do this look faulty 😭😭 I’m back and dad hoping it’s not a false positive 😭😭


Ok so on 12/30 I took a test and got a vvvfl on a Walgreens pink dye brand and started spotting so I thought I got my period because after 3 days of spotting I got 2 days of medium flow then I got 2 other days of spotting. I’ve been nauseated way before my bleeding started I can’t eat without getting nauseous. I’m still spotting only when I wipe so I today I decided to take a test and tried the Walgreens brands once again and my lines were darker all 3 of them. But then 3 hours later I tested with a first response and it was negative I had to squint to see it 😫

My test on 12/30

My test 3 days ago

My test today 😔