Relationship Advice

So. I don’t know what to do. Me and the father have been in a relationship for 9 months. We got pregnant really early... too soon I know. But I don’t need to hear that. I know already, throughout this pregnancy especially in these last few months(currently a little over 7 months pregnant.) he has been very hateful. I even tried to open up to him about how I feel depressed. He insults me. Makes everything my fault. He even says he doesn’t feel bad for me for anything. Sometimes he will get aggressive. I love him I do, but it’s getting really hard to be with him.. I just want us to be a happy family when the baby comes and I really don’t want to be without him. I just can’t get my head straight as to where our relationship should stay or go. It gets harder and harder to believe he loves and cares for me. I know the answer should be obvious.. but I do love him a lot. I don’t want a broken family.