Life without a bf

Well if u couldn’t tell I’m single ✌🏻

I sit on my lounge alone while my friends sit on their lounges with the guy they tuning or dating

I watch couple videos and think about my crush and think about how it’s probably not gonna happen (although I did send him a video of this couples handshake and tried to play it cool and say like oh yes this is so us but without the kiss cause like the couple slapped each other’s ass and me and him slap each others ass blah blah blah and he said no with the kiss )

I sleep alone while friends sleep with their bf’s

I sit with them at lunch and they are all talking about what they do with their boyfriends while I shove my face with a shit tone of food

I get messages from their boyfriends asking what they should buy the gf for her birthday or Valentine’s Day etc

I see on people’s stories and they like happy 3 months or 365 days with you ily xoxo and I’m just like oh yeah I can so relate 👍🏻

How fun is being single 😝