baby bash’s NICU stay

jessica • baby boy born 1-5-2019❤️

My sweet baby boy Sebastian Valentino was born 1/5/2019 weighing 5 pounds 4 oz, 19 inches long. The hospital I delivered at has a level 2 NICU. He was admitted because he only has one kidney and the one he does have is inflamed. His hemoglobin levels are really high, making him jaundice and sleepy and he doesn’t really want to eat much. He has to be on Dextrose 10% because his blood sugars are so low. Doctors are running more tests but are saying that he might have to be transferred to the level 3 NICU for kidney surgery. Trying to stay positive but everything seems so uncertain. Has anyone else had a similar situation?

Update: THEY FOUND HIS 2ND KIDNEY! He is going to be okay and can come home in a few days. truly a miracle. 😭💝