HELP! Is lactation a symptom of clomid?!?!?

Melissa • Daughter 12/1/2016 ♥️ 32 weeker ToF PA MAPCAs ♥️ pregnant with #2 🌈 baby ♥️ MC 10/3/2018 👼

LADIES I NEED HELP!!! Today is 14 dpo, AF due today. I had negative tests at 9, 10, 11, dpo and a negative digital at 12 dpo (only test I had left). I have had no symptoms whatsoever and counted myself out. I even spotted a little bit 12 dpo and figured AF was starting. Then this morning I go in the shower and felt a let down??? I look down and I'm lactating???? Just a little bit. Can clomid cause lactation?!?! Should I go get more tests or is it just the clomid? Or do I just want it so badly because this is out last month trying that my brain is making me lactate?

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