Feeling Unwanted


My boyfriend and I have been together since May 1, 2018. When we first met, he was all over me and we would have sex multiple times a day. He moved in with me mid September and since then things have gone drastically downhill. We rarely have sex and when we do, it doesn’t last long. I’ve asked him in many ways why things are changing but he just says “I’m sorry” and leaves it at that. One day last week when I came in the bedroom he was ready to go... we had sex for less than five minutes and went back to our day. Later, I had to use his phone to look something up for him and tumblr porn was open... no wonder he was ready to go!

Last night he was very lovey and we had sex again...When we switched positions I noticed during a pause that he was fumbling with something (I was face down on the bed). When we were all done and he went out of the room, I looked at his open apps on his phone. He had been looking at porn tumblr.

Am I being silly, feeling like he had to look at it to have sex with me? I know he has certain feelings about my weight, he thinks I should weigh less than him, eventually. I feel like everything yesterday was just him working his way up to having sex to shut me up.