Need advice

Dee • First time mom*due 4/5/19

I'm 27 +4 and I work at a storage place (and its not as easy as it seems) I work by myself, between frustrating customers, people leaving trash, heavy items, dirty bathroom, constantly bending over, trying to lift doors, cleaning large units. I don't know what else to do. I don't plan on leaving until march 15th. Giving I can make it that far. But I try to tell my district manager that I need somone over here to help me. I can't bend over and move the way that I use to before I got pregnant. My back starts to hurt, I have to pee constantly, my shin hurts, and I can't pick up trash and bend to clean. What else can I do? Or really my question is how can I nicely reminder my manager that I need help over here or things just won't be done?