Can someone let me know what happened??


My husband & I been TTC, and this month would be 2nd cycle trying. These tests are from last month. The top one is the first I took on Christmas day (25th)and I tested about 3 days and getting same lines, (some were lighter)but there was a line visible. I went in for blood work Thursday(27th)and results were low and it 23 level. The doctor said to come back the following week for more blood work...suggesting I was maybe very early and needed a repeat. On Friday evening (28th)I started cramping painfully as if my period was coming and at first i was spotting...then like an hr; two later I started bleeding like my normal period. Btw, I have about a 35 day cycle. When I tested these I was 5/6 days late for my period. I read online that with what I experienced, it might of been a chemical pregnancy?? Anyone experienced the same??