Is this normal?

Da Bug • Annika's mommy🖤🖤🖤

So i went to this "amazing" ob. She had the highest rates and the one my family usually goes to is retiring so hes not taking new patients. My aunt who works with mother and baby suggested her as well. I call and they can't see me they tell me to go to labor and delivery. They told me to go to their clinic for my issues but when i try they refuse to take me. They have no after hours phone line so if anything happens after hours you just got to go to labor and delivery and hope its not any stupid thing wrong. The ob dr is on call at the local hospital and so i wont know her until we in the room and im in labor. I only got 1 ultrasound by the hospital when i found out i was pregnant. They wouldn't even point anything out i got no pictures and i barely got to see it. I got one by a program here for pictures and someone bought me a package for a 4d scan for Christmas. If i didnt do those things id have no pictures of my baby girl nor would i have known the gender. The only way i got it comfirmed is i asked about my blood work and they told me in the results last week. Really? I wouldn't have known until i was 30 weeks? Im just really annoyed and i hear other people talking about their ob and its so different and better then mine. The nurses also laugh at me because of my hand writing. Im left handed and dyslexic its hard for me to write. I always take my time to write so they can read it but they still laugh at my hardest try. Im just so annoyed and regret my decisions.