Streamer fiance.....


So my fiance streams video games on twitch, mixer, and you tube. And Thats literally ALL we wants to do. He doesn't want to help me around the house, gets pissed if i ask him to take trash out etc. I'm 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant AND with the flu. I asked him if he saw my post on facebook and he snapped at me saying he wanted some "piece" and went back to streaming.

We do not talk anymore. I am the ONLY one who takes care of the house, make sure bills are paid etc.

When he snaps at me I just shut down and go do me. Then he'll try and come love up on me, and by then I don't want any lovings. I'm pissed off at him, where I don't want him to look in my direction, much less touch me.

He literally talks to his "gamer friends" More than he talks to me. And when I say something he becomes hostile and a huge argument happens when I'm trying to explain to him how he makes me feel!

I've support him in his dreams to become a huge streamer, and all that but he has a life to live. He needs to help me, he needs to take more responsibility, he needs to have a set time to stream and the rest of the time live his life. Even the BIG YouTubers and streamers take breaks. Not him....

Also if you are going to be rude and make negative comments, don't say anything at all