Good exercises to lose weight! HELP😱

So I’m 16 and I’m 5 pounds away from reaching my highest weight, 200 pounds! I used to be steady at 175 and then it went up to 180 and from there I just lost myself and it took off😔. I’m ready to change that and become happy with my body again. Sunday I made 4 burrito bowls for lunch and have been eating toast with avocados on it. Dinner is left up to my parents and is usually unhealthy, for example last night they cooked fried chicken wings and French fries. I’m open to other healthy/healthier breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices on the cheaper side because I’m buying my “healthy food” with my money from my part time job. I would also love to hear some at home workouts you ladies have used to lose weight. I am in town going to school and work all day until 5, which is around when the sun sets and it starts getting dark so I am not comfortable walking down my road after work because its getting dark by the time I get home, so preferably workouts you can do inside the house would be nice. I’m also free on the weekends so I will be able to go walking or do other things. I’m going walking on one of our towns trails with my boyfriend and dog this weekend. Since I’m 16 I’m not able to drive after 6 yet so no gym, and around here you have to be 18 to get a membership so that’s out of the option anyways. Any advice, motivation, tips, workouts, anything will help. Thank you!