On December 31st @4:47pm my babygirl arrived & my life is now complete🥰💗


On December 31st @4:47pm my babygirl arrived & my life is now complete🥰💗... It all happened so fast , i didn’t believe i was in labor 😳 . Here’s what happened ... at 12:30am my mucus plug came out when i went pee & i wasn’t sure at first cause it started off a little brownish when i first wiped then it turned red so i knew it was the “bloody show” . I wasn’t sure if i go to the hospital or not (giving this is my first baby) so i stayed on the toilet looking online if i should go to the hospital or not it said after the mucus plug comes out labor can happen anywhere from hours to day later so i went to bed thinking she will come out days later cause my due date was the following day which is January 1st😅 .. well at 4:25am i woke up to some really bad contractions & i went to use the restroom again .. at 4:30 my water broke while i was on the toilet.. i wasn’t sure if it was my water until i tried to get up & it just kept pouring out 🙊😫 so once it calmed down after a few mins i grabbed a pad & ran to my fiancé & told him my water broke he jumped up in shock & we started to grab our things & go . We got to the hospital at 5am & got admitted into a room at 5:10 i forgot what it’s called but its the room where they check you first to make sure you are in labor & can admit you into a labor & delivery room . I was in that room for 5 hours waiting to go into a labor & delivery room🙄 i was getting some pretty strong contractions but i was totally in control of my body & just remembering to breath & that my body was meant to do this.. it gets tough every once in a while but i would just squeeze my fiancé’s hand 😂 Finally around 10:40am they admitted me to a room & i already had my IV in & the gown on . When i go to labor & delivery it was a really big spacey room & i knew it was just waiting game from there ... 🤯 i was thinking since it was my first baby i would be in labor for 24 hours or more & pushing forever but thank God it didn’t go that way!🙏🏼 They checked me but not to often cause my water was broke they didn’t want to chance infection. When they checked me at 12:20 i was only at 3cm☹️ felt like more to me cause all the contractions & how painful they were getting . When my nurse seen i was only at a 3 she gave me pitocin to speed up the process of my labor . Before she gave me the pitocin they gave me the epidural (which wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be but the numbing medicine BURNSSSS 🔥) 😣 well after going through that to getting the epidural , it didn’t work for me🙄 (just my luck😊) i still felt everything & was able to wiggle & move my feet like nothing . I told my nurse & she checked it & said it was in correctly but because they seen i was still in pain they gave me something a little stronger in my IV which really worked & numbed me up pretty good for a while so i was just riding out the rest of the labor ... around 3pm they checked me again & i was already at a 8 1/2 ! 😬 when they told me that , it hit me like holy crap im gonna half to push soon & im gonna meet my babygirl 😭💕 another hour went by & i noticed the medicine started to wear off 🥺 so i started to feel everything again then i started feeling the pressure in my butt like the urge of having to poop💩 (its the most uncomfortable feeling ever) .. once i felt that i told the nurse & she checked me again @4 & i was at a 10 & ready to push . She got ready & my fiancé was holding one leg & my grandma was holding the other & i pushed literally for 47 mins & she was born at 4:47pm 😭😭😭😭💖 (she tore me up down there 😳🙊 but it was all worth it once i seen her beautiful face💞)

Welcome to the world Samara Alannah Vargas 😇🙏🏼🥰💘 Mommy & Daddy Love You !!!😘