Alpha Pregnancy Clinics

R I A • 🖤 06.06.19 🖤

If you are in the SF, California area & have yet to find a place to get prenatal care/support I would highly recommend you look into the Alpha Pregnancy Clinics. I found out about them through an old coworker before I was even pregnant. She told me great things about them for whenever I did end up getting pregnant. They do free pregnancy test there so I set up an appointment with them to confirm my pregnancy because there wasn’t too many places that took my insurance so I would have to pay a lot of $$$ just for a urine test. Not too sure if their ultrasounds were free too I have medi-cal as my insurance so they take care of all the costs, but they gave me an ultrasound too & sent me home with my US photos & some little books explaining what was going to happen to my body every week & how to take care of myself.

They have what they call “Life Classes” so you come in as often as you can & they’ll sit down with you (sometimes it’s a group of other expectant moms in the same stage as you are other times it’s just you) & they’ll watch a video with you on the things that are happening to your body at each trimester, they go over any questions you might have, give a lot of support, prepare you for the new transition, & they also have an art class.

For coming to the life classes you get rewarded. They have these lil monopoly $ type these that they call “Alpha bucks” that you can use in their boutiques. (I’ll get into that in a second) You warm them by showing up to your class, bringing your partner with you, completing a video, completing the homework, if you’re in school they reward you for bringing in your report card, if you get a new job they’ll reward you for that too & the list goes on. There’s a different of amount of alpha bucks that you can get for each thing you do.

So the boutiques !!! They have these lil shops full all kinds of baby stuff & maternity stuff, some brand new some used, but it’s all donated & you can use your alpha bucks to buy whatever you need. I’ve gotten a bassinet, sheets, baby jeans, pacifiers, nursing pads & baby socks so far. If they don’t have what you need you can always tell them & they’ll make some phone calls or keep an eye out & as soon as they get it they’ll reserve it for you.

They also have a Christmas party that I just attended. Everything is provided by some of the local churches. They ask you what kinds of things do you need & they’ll do their best to get it for you. They get all the moms together for some food & games. We all get to chat & get to know each other. Some bring their new babies. It’s a really fun time & in the end they give you your gifts. I came home with baby clothes, diapers, books, baby snacks, toys, wipes, & much more. They even throw in some stuff for mom 😌

You can continue to go to their life classes even after the baby is born. I believe until they’re a year old.

After you’ve had your baby they will send you a welcome home basket full of baby goodies!

& of course they also provide prenatal care ! I was denied everywhere & alpha took me in with open arms.

Sorry this is so long I just came back from my appointment & felt I should share this. They are so loving & caring there I want more ladies to know about this place so that they can get the best care possible.