Adopting a senior pet.

daisy •

This is our dog Sweetie. We adopted her June of 2017, she was 8 years old. We had to put her to sleep unexpectedly. She was very sick this weekend and I took her to the vet, got a diagnosis, got meds and expected her to recover. She didn't...she got worse. At 10pm last night we took her to the vet to find out she had a mass on her heart, and there was nothing we could do.

We only had her for a year and a half...but that time was great. She loved me probably more than I deserved (I'm not realy a dog person but my husband is) she always wanted attention. Its so hard that we didn't have much time with her but Im so glad we could give her a forever home. I totally understand why people might not want to adopt older animals because this is so hard, and when we are ready to get another dog it will probably be a young adult, for them this is life changing. I'm so glad she wasn't alone in a shelter, like so many animals are.

Get your pets from wherever you want, get all the puppies you want. I get it, no judgment here.. But if you have room in your heart, adopt, and if a senior pet catches your heart...don't let that stop you, they still have so much love to give and are champion nappers 😊.