Heightened senses are killing me


So I’m a stay st home mom which means I spend a lot of time around my one year old. But ever since I’ve been pregnant my sense of smell has been insane. I know it’s common when pregnant but this didn’t happen when i was pregnant with my daughter so this is new for me. But anyways, I can’t stand the way my daughter smells most times. It’s not necessarily a bad smell but not pleasant either. The smells bugs me cause I can’t put a finger on what she smells like. A bit of sweet like candy but sour at the sane time. She gets baths regularly and brushed her teeth twice a day but just smells so weird to me! Like at times I don’t wanna be around her. But nobody else smells it. So my question is, is anyone she’s going through this? What can I do? Please help cause I’m loosing my mind and wanna hug my baby girl without cringing.