Mean boyfriend, or overreacting?

Here’s a couple examples of things my boyfriend has said that made me sad/upset. Please tell me if I’m over reacting by being upset about these things.

1. He rants to me, but then shuts down and expects me to help him without giving me any information to work with. One time I was like “dude! Use your words!” I was up late trying to help him. And he was like “it’d be cool if you didn’t talk to me like a 5 year old, thanks!”. That made me really upset. I was just trying to help, and poke a little fun at him by saying he wasn’t really talking.

2. I sent a pic of his step brother that as far as I know he has a strong relationship with. He speaks very fondly of, and the family he has been connected to through him. I sent a side by side of his step brother and a celebrity look a like that was truly uncanny. He responded by saying “it’d be cool if you didn’t stalk my family on Instagram for fun, thanks!”.

Am I being insensitive? These things made me feel sick to my stomach because of how sudden they were, and kind of blunt and mean. Am I overreacting?