Why is it so difficult to ask to get your tubes tied?

I'm into my 7th pregnancy 6th baby

So it's what I want my doctor has pushed for earlier obs appointment to discuss it but there talking about other birth control let me tell you i was on the pill took it religiously fell pregnant had the depo shot fell pregnant was on a different pill fell pregnant had the bar it took around 18 months to fall no bc.

My body well pelvis cant handle it.

I was 10ml off needing a blood transfusion with my 4th but not my 5th. Now there saying bub is measuring big I go for a growth scan in a few weeks just to check this. I'm nervous all births have been natural but my doctor put the c section on the table aswell as it's a good option to hit 2 birds 1 stone so to say I'm nervous about that aswell and annoyed as I'm almost 30 weeks and 5his is the first I've heard of it all. I'm trying not to worry about it but if anybody has had anything like this any help or words would be great