Bird box **hard to answer if you haven’t watched **

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Holy shit! I think I just caused myself insomnia. There were definitely some ehhhh scenes but it really freaked me out when the man was trying to get the babies. 😩😩😩 i know it had a deeper meaning and all that, I’ve watched YouTube videos breaking it all down and blah blah but it totally had me thinking... if something like that truly happened, and you had small children. Would I be able to do what she did and travel sightless to get my children to safety? In my head I know I would damn well try and then I start thinking how my children would react to the whole situation. How would I keep a blindfold on my toddler? Ugh 😑 I have been avoiding watching this shit for this very reason but I caved and now I’m all in my head lol Do you think you could travel all that way? Do you think your children could mentally handle it had they not been born into the mess? Whew lol