Why does is smell down there? (TMI)

Hey girls, so for about a week my vaginal odor has been a little weird.

It dose NOT smell like fish or yeast.

It smells kind of like asparagus honestly, but I haven't eaten asparagus, or onion, or garlic. I guess you can say it's a bitter/sour smell.

Also, I've a white (like white white not just milky white) discharge. Not Mucous like, just thick.

I've also, forgive me if this is gross, tasted the discharge and it taste very sour.

I do not have any itching, or pain.

I am in my ovulation cycle, but I'm just a little weirded out by the smell. It's not overwhelming smell, I can't smell it unless I, you know, put my fingers down there. Any ideas ladies? Thank you!